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Located at the port of Sydney, Australia – specifically on the water’s edge of Darling Harbour is King Street Wharf – a dock for ferries that has grown up and developed to become a residential, tourist, retail and maritime centre that cannot be resisted, full of magical experiences and much more.

A desirable location for family vacations, a honeymoon, New Year’s celebrations, an unofficial work activity, the celebration of an exciting and different wedding, or a ‘time-out’ time with friends, makes King Street Wharf a memorable experience.

King Street Wharf not only has sparkling views of Sydney Harbour but also its atmospheric location imbues everything offered on the Wharf with such fantastic vibes that you will feel like a true king (or queen) in a maritime setting.

King Street Wharf is a project of urban development and is a worthy tourist attraction because it offers something for all, within and without.

Visualise that you are in King Street Wharf, on vacation, excited about exploring and eager to have fun, but … where are we going?

Fun is guaranteed in this prime harbour-side location and we have a long list of places that you cannot miss for your party nights, your days of fun with friends, supplemented with all the delicious food on offer at superior restaurants.

King Street Wharf Bar and Pubs:

If going to a bar essentially means music, fun, drinks and a lot of movement, then venture on a walk that takes you straight to Cargo Bar, one of the most-popular King Street Wharf Pubs.

Not conforming to any specific style, Cargo Bar represents a place with the most diverse and exquisite areas. Choose your preferred one to share with your friends and family: gardens, terraces, cocktail areas – all surrounded with breathtaking views to delight.

Whether you want to dance for a while, enjoy a fresh beer, or a couple of cocktails, a seafood lunch without hurry and optimum service, Cargo Bar is ideal.

Do you like bowling? Do you have time for a visit? If the answer is ‘Yes!’ in both cases, then get on your ‘phone and book a party or activity at Strike Bowling King Street Wharf.

The Strike promises to provide you with a unique and extremely ‘all out’ experience – a super environment, karaoke, escape halls, perfect drinks at the cocktail bar and diverse food choices.

At Beer Deluxe, the Sporting Globe, and many other establishments, you can enjoy a party atmosphere through all times of the day.

The places below have more than just music and fun reserved for you:

King Street Wharf Restaurants:

Crowning the entire precinct that constitutes King Street Wharf are its unforgettable restaurants. That’s what those who have come here to live the experience say. Yes, because they didn’t come here just to enjoy an excellent meal but to live a unique moment.

Time to live new things! No matter what you are looking for or how you like to spend your time, King Street Wharf provides the environment that will satisfy your tastes.

Visit Bangalow 8 Terraces to spend an afternoon savouring tropical cocktails or, if what you are looking for is to enjoy a feel of luxury and style and a VIP experience with live music, venture up the stairs to The Loft Sydney any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday and turn the day into a ‘forever’ memory.

Are you a meat lover? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then there is a corner just for you at the King Street Wharf restaurant precinct – an awesome and delicious food heaven for ‘foodies’. Wait until you peruse the menus!

Express launches, refreshing drinks, special sauces according to the station and the sensation of the house: the tasty and juicy Australian meat!

What are you waiting for? Go meet the Meat District Co.!

Combine a stellar wine with our meal at Best Steak House Restaurant, King Street Wharf and, without doubt, you will return for more!

Make your day exceptional by dining out at Steersons Steakhouse. This elegant restaurant provides exquisite meals with cheerful service in a top-notch location.

Kingsleys Steakhouse King St Undoubtedly, a client who visits any King Street Wharf Restaurant will leave with a satisfied palate satiated with the gastronomical delights of Australian cuisine – more please!

Psst! Hey! Look!

That’s Beer Deluxe calling you. The perfect place to continue our tour. There is nothing better to go out to eat with friends than to enjoy a cold beer.

King Street Wharf is where all foodies’ tastes can be satisfied. Check it out!

India … its spices, its colours, its people … its food and flavours ….. Mmmmmm!

No, we have not changed countries – although it may seem like it – we are still in King Street Wharf, Sydney, Australia. On our tour of the restaurants of King Street Wharf, the delicious aroma and wonderful, sumptuous decoration attracted us like a magnet.

That is why Manjits is a place that makes you travel to another continent through the senses! Without a doubt, Manjits has one of the best views on King Street Wharf and a booking can be made for any event from corporate to glamorous and colourful weddings.

What about another destination?

This time we are going to have lunch in Italy: pizzas, the best wines, superior coffee. An enviable experience of quality and service.

Casa Ristorante Italiano, located right in front of the sea on King Street Wharf, is inspired by the magnificent and historic city of Naples and be prepared to experience travelling there just by walking through its doors.

This establishment has many surprises in store for the diner – among them are its famous cocktails, pizzeria and gourmet pasta dishes. Amazing!

Food, Love, Family and Friends – that’s what identifies Casa Ristorante Italiano.

The Malaya: Unique flavour at King Street Wharf

Founded in 1963 by Wong Tai See who was inspired by spiced Asian flavours together with the flavours of Australia, The Malaya King Street Wharf has grown to become an iconic place that deserves a visit at least once in your life!

To this day, almost 70 years after its founding, a new generation of the Tai See family continues to present unforgettable, delectable-tasting recipes on their menu – the best of each of the world’s most exotic cuisines: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Southeast China.

The Malaya King Street Wharf invites you to be part of its history, to take a leap, and journey through flavours that will make you fall in love with the place, its people, its food and its tradition.

To close this tour we have reserved the final attraction – the dessert of this virtual experience – that will convince you to go to King Street Wharf if you are a fan of sports and good food – The Sporting Globe King Street Wharf!

Every time your favourite team plays, or you don’t want to miss the sporting event of the season, don’t hesitate to meet your friends at this location!

From Sporting Globe x 4 Pines you will have access to delicious snacks and be able to watch LIVE (on more than 50 HD screens) all the sporting events you enjoy.

A paradise for sports fans, open Monday through Sunday, at King Street Wharf. Beer, sport, good food and the best company – what more could you ask for?

King Street Wharf Ferry:

Sydney has great ferry deals for you: you can enjoy tours from Manly to Double Bay; or, if your prefer a private ferry, or enjoy one of the faster services, Lane Cove and Manly Fast Ferry are waiting for you.

Do you dare to take a walk?

Sydney’s White Bay Ferry, King Street Wharf’s flagship attraction for cruise passengers, will take you from the city to the cruise terminal. White Bay Ferry operates daily, as long as a cruise ship is docked.

Ferries run regularly from McMahons Point, Circular Quay, Balmain and Milson Point to Darling Harbour. To enjoy the experience to the fullest extent, we propose a special tour: Disembark at the Sydney Aquarium and take a short walk that will not exceed five minutes heading north to King Street Wharf.

King Street Wharf undoubtedly has a lot to offer but, taking a ferry ride in another direction on beautiful Sydney Harbour, will certainly be a pleasant added experience.

King Street Wharf Car Park:

The experience with finding car parking in big cities is not pleasant. But what if King Street Wharf has defied the headache that has become the norm?

Many of the venues on King Street Wharf have parking stations nearby but, not only that, most of the popular visited places have parking also; for example, the Casa Ristorante Italiano VIP carpark: Just $7.00, available every day of the week from 5.00 p.m. and all day on weekends. In addition, there are discount offers!

Different offers can be found throughout King Street Wharf. For parking available 24/7, head to King Street Car Park 1, Shelley Street, Sydney. Here you will find the best rates for short stays and many ideal offers for you.

Wilson Car Park is another cheaper option – you can find one of its parking lots from the map  King Street Wharf.

Secure parking, with hourly or minute rates – and weekly and even monthly contracts – can be found. Diversity is what characterises King Street Wharf.

Making promises is risky, but not in this case …. That’s why we have every confidence in saying that coming to King Street Wharf will be one of the best decisions you make!


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