King Street Wharf – Wharves

King Street Wharf is the next stop for adventure seekers and would-be stars in this city. Take a look at what they have to offer you down under! The view from the top of King Street Wharf wharves is one to remember for life. With Sydney Harbor as your backdrop, you can see all of our favorite ships in their berthing docks while enjoying a meal or drinks at any number of restaurants on site!

King Street Wharf 1

Captain Cook Cruises has been using Wharf 1 for their Darling Harbour Circular Quay service. The company uses 22 CCDH daily services on weekdays, and 23 when it is not raining or too cold outside to mess up their passengers’ daycruise plans! They also offer an additional morning run which starts at Pier 26 instead of Harbor Master Steps Ferry Wharves .

King Street Wharf 2

The Wharf 2 is a popular terminus for the CCDM service, with many people using it to commute from Sydney Harbour. On weekdays there are 17 departures that leave every day between 8am and 6pm–7 of these trips go on weekends as well!

King Street Wharf 3

Sydney’s Wharf 3 has a long and interesting history. Originally opened as one of the many privately operated wharves in King Street development, it was selected by planners for its recommended temporary site to serve as an additional terminal on Sydney Ferries networks–a decision that would later allow fare gates with ticket machines when you enter or exit at Circular Quay instead from November 2010.

It was used by Sydney Ferries First Fleet and RiverCat class ferries operating F3 Parramatta River and F4 Darling Harbour services. It has been an important part of King Street Wharf history. The last day that this beautiful terminal served as a place for ferries was June 26th 2017 when Barangaroo opened its doors instead- but don’t worry because it will reopen someday soon enough with private operators once again taking up residence here.

Check Google review for King Street Wharf 3.

King Street Wharf 4

If you’re looking for a unique Sydney experience, look no further than Starship Sydney and The Pontoon boat hire. Located in King Street Wharf 4 Darling Harbour (dock 54), these boats offer an unforgettable 360 degree view of the city while afloat on one of our many cruises or private events! Whether it be just yourself or your special guests we can accommodate whatever budget–there’s something here that will suit everyone: weddings, corporate entertaining packages & BBQs all within walking distance from King Street Wharf.

King Street Wharf 5

As a cruise company, Magistic Cruises is known to provide luxurious experiences and world-class dining. With so many satisfied customers it’s no wonder why they operate under the Australian Cruise Group umbrella – one of Sydney’s most well recognized companies for its hospitality industry expertise that sets them apart from other competitors in this field.

King Street Wharf 6, 7, 8 And 9

This is located on the eastern side of Darling Harbour, just to the north of Sydney Aquarium. Most of the casual and smaller charter boats will depart from wharves 6 through 9 which are located outside the “Cargo Bar”. These wharves are booked through Maritime NSW, so are subject to confirmation.