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 If there is one place in King Street Wharf that shines with its sophisticated style and elegant ambience it is The Loft bar, located at 3 Lime Street, at King Street Wharf NSW 2000 and is open to the public every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm. If you’re visiting Bungalow 8 for a memorable dinner with your friends or family, you’ve got to go to The Loft to enjoy the rest of the night with cocktails and good music. 

The Loft is without a doubt one of the favourite places for everyone who visits King Street Wharf and you can’t say you’ve been there without visiting this place. The Loft is a place worth visiting because it’s impossible to leave without having a good time. If you’re looking to experience the young night out amidst music and drinks, The Loft will be waiting for you from early every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 


Are you in King Street Wharf and want to celebrate a special event? Then you definitely have to go to The Loft and book, then you’ll be living the full VIP experience. No matter what it is: a birthday, a wedding or even a get-together with friends, the experience won’t be complete if you don’t celebrate it here. 

The amazing views from The Loft overlooking the Bay make it a more than special place to have a great time. With space for around 400 seated guests and capacity for up to 1200 at the cocktail reception in the exclusive area and 150 seated and around 600 at the cocktail reception on the terraces, TheLoft certainly has everything you could possibly need, including the space. They have more discreet sections and others with vastly more space available. 


The Loft is a great place to spend time with friends sipping refreshing drinks and cocktails and having fun with everything this venue has to offer, ranging from live music to a simple yet delicious and varied menu to top off the night. The food menu is simple and consists of dishes to accompany your drink, ranging from appetizers to delicious tacos. Without the need for an app, you can order the menu for your table from:

The cocktail menu is simply amazing. The Loft cocktails are definitely the most recommended, although if you prefer a classic option you won’t regret it. The Loft is all about quality and excellence, so whatever you order, you’re sure to love it. But this is not all that The Loft has to offer, there is still much more to discover. They have mega cocktail offers to share: King of the Wharf is the one that always ends up getting the cameras, at first because of its name, but then everyone repeats because it’s simply fantastic. For those looking for a lesser option, The Loft has a wonderful collection of wines and bottled drinks on offer. No doubt The Loft has a place in store for any of us. 


The Loft’s speciality is unique throughout King Street Wharf.    While in some places it’s a signature dish or the drink of choice for the crowd in others, at The Loft the speciality is you. Just like you just read. And we’re not crazy, they’re not going to serve you on a silver platter with an apple in your mouth, far from it, but in this place the speciality is that you live a wonderful and incomparable experience. And the best thing is that they achieve it! 

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From 4pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 3 Lime Street, at King Street Wharf NSW 2000, an aura of flavour, freshness and colour begins to envelop you until you have no choice but to join in and be a part of it. If you’re visiting King Street Wharf for the weekend, it’s well worth staying until after 4pm and doing our favourite combination: dinner at Bungalow 8 followed by cocktails, live music and partying at The Loft.

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Going to The Loft and not leaving satisfied is impossible. Both for what you consume inside and for the atmosphere and the attention of the staff, any outing there becomes perfect. It is a special place to go out with friends in the afternoons and evenings. It is always open to all kinds of people and groups and they make every effort to make you feel like family. The Loft is one of Sydney’s favourite spots and for anyone who comes to King Street Wharf it’s almost a must to stop by at least once. The best combination on King Street Wharf – and this is not just us, but many satisfied regulars – is a dinner at Bungalow 8 and a cool, relaxed night out followed by a selfie at The Loft.

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Address: 3 Lime Street, at King Street Wharf NSW 2000.


The Loft is a place to go to have a great time with friends or even as a couple to enjoy the atmosphere, the great views and the live music. It’s hard to find a better place on King Street Wharf than The Loft, that’s for sure. Sydney’s best drinks and snacks can be found at this conveniently located bayfront venue with an ambience that will relax you and make for a fun and enjoyable night out. We have every confidence that if you visit The Loft you will fall in love with the place in every single detail: music, service, taste, absolutely everything is designed to be to your liking.

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