King Street Wharf Map


Find out all about King Street Wharf and the surrounding area.

Positioned right on the water’s edge, King Street Wharf is Sydney’s most conveniently located Harbour-side address.

Just 250m from Wynard Station, it’s an area awash with the city’s finest clubs and restaurants.

King Street Wharf, at Darling Harbour, is one of the most popular hubs for tourists who come to Sydney in search of new horizons: fun, good vibes, amazing views and exotic flavors are just some of the things that await you here.

A completely renovated industrial waterfront that has become one of the most popular urban centers in the tourist industry, it has turned this corner of the Bay into a world-renowned centre for recreation, hospitality and dining.

To arrive in Sydney and not pass through King Street Wharf is unthinkable. From here you can connect with the area’s best restaurants, bars and hotels that will definitely add to your trip.

Find out more about the best restaurants near King Street Wharf and what they have in store for you and your friends and family to enjoy right here.

What are the closest dining establishments to King Street Wharf?

Cargo Bar, Manjit’s Wharf, and The Malaya are the three dining district establishments closest to Darling Harbour King Street Wharf.

If you are eager to get to know them, I invite you to read more about them in the corner we have dedicated to them on the website as they are some of the most popular establishments for tourists who visit us.

How to get to King Street Wharf?

There are several routes and transport services around the city that will take you straight to King Street Wharf: whether by taxi, water taxi, bus or train, you can get here, adding up to about a 10-minute walk.

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What to do in King Street Wharf?

If you’re on holiday in Sydney, Australia with your family and friends, King Street Wharf is certainly on the list of places you want to visit. Being able to locate the best place to stay in the area to spend a few days touring the place and come back to rest after long days of sightseeing is essential for any holidaymaker. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best hotels near King Street Wharf for you. Just click here to start your search.

Early in the morning, in order to start your day with energy, you should have a hearty breakfast that provides you with everything you need and of course you should enjoy it! The best places for breakfast in King Street Wharf can be found here . We’ve selected the best options for the whole family from our tourists’ favorites.

When evening is falling, King Street Wharf is ideal for a fun night out with friends at a bar. If you have no idea which clubs are the best, don’t worry, at we do all the work for you, just browse our recommendations for the one you prefer and let yourself be carried away by the music, the drinks and the food.