First Indian Establishment – Manjit’s:


India is synonymous of flavours, with an explosion of colors and sensations that will fill your senses and with the characteristic smells of this country whose distinctive cuisine stands out around the world, finding new diners every day who become fans of this traditional and at the same time exotic cuisine that conquers our hearts as well as our appetites.

We will never tire of saying that King Street Wharf will always have something for everyone, as it is a place with a wide variety of venues, from pubs to restaurants and hotels, each with its own unique style. For this reason it is not surprising that there is a restaurant that transports us to India.

  • History of Manjit’s at King Street Wharf:

Manjit’s, the first Indian establishment on King Street Wharf will be the star of this article, for being the first is not its greatest merit, but it is easily one of the best Indian restaurants in the country. And that’s not just from us, but from the diners themselves, who fill the online polls every day with positive reviews.

With a sumptuous decoration that many have already characterised as stunning, Manjit’s Restaurant at King Street Bar is capable of taking you straight to India itself. You will feel as if you have magically travelled to that country, so entranced will you be by the exquisite ornament and ambience of the place.

A perfect blend of tradition and innovation is waiting for you at Manjit’s by Varun Gurjal, the chef de cuisine son of Manjit’s, who, although he has continued the tradition of his father and founder of the restaurant for over 30 years, has fused it with a wide variety of regional Indian cuisine and the most extraordinary traditions of the subcontinent.

It is not unusual to find traditional dishes ranging from Bombay and Delhi to Street Fare or Home Style and even the most sophisticated recipes served to royal families.

All adapted in such a way that it seems to belong to this restaurant.

  • Main functions at Manjit’s at King Street  Wharf:

With space for around 200 seated and up to 300 standing, Manjit’s is waiting for your visit to enjoy the excellent food served in the restaurant and be another satisfied customer. Perfect for children and guaranteeing a minimum spend of $30 Manjit’s is a place worth visiting. Manjit’s is one of the best places to dine near Darling Harbour and of course has one of the best views of Sydney Harbour. Dining at this place is simply an attraction that goes far beyond just sitting down for dinner, but all the details, ranging from the taste of the food served to the ambience, the colours, the cheerfulness of the place and the aforementioned views of the harbour make an amazing and special whole that will make you feel special.

  • Timing:

Manjit’s at King Street Wharf is open to the public every day, Monday to Sunday, as it is not conceivable to deprive Sydney of this wonderful place any day of the week. They also have a delivery service Monday to Friday from 12:30pm to 3:00pm and all week from 5:30pm to 10:00pm. Only on Thursdays is the home delivery service closed. Each Sunday and on Holidays Manjit’s charges a 10% surcharge. We recommend that you make reservations before you dine at Manjit’s, as demand is high!

  • Clients opinion:

Manjit’s on King Street Wharf is one of the best restaurants in Sydney, and we don’t say so ourselves, but this opinion is backed up by hundreds of satisfied diners who have been there and left very happy with the service and happy with a full belly after enjoying the delicious delicacies served there. At Manjit’s everything is magical. Every bite is an explosion of flavours, every corner of the place is endowed with an exquisite decoration that will dazzle you and keep you in awe throughout your stay. It’s no coincidence that Manjit’s on King Street Wharf is one of the favourite haunts of visitors to Harbour Bay. At Manjit’s you can enjoy an excellent meal and accompany it with the wine of your choice, as they have a menu that has been praised by even the most discerning diners. Indoor, public or private, reserved or not, with traditional Indian décor or a little more modern, you can find all this if you visit Manjit’s. A lunch with your friends, a celebration with your family, an ideal place to visit after a business meeting and even if you are looking for privacy for a romantic dinner with your partner, you can find it here. We recommend that you make a reservation before you go; there are many people who come every day to live the experience, although it is clear that most of them will repeat it. Come to King Street Wharf and discover all it has to offer: feel like you are travelling through different cultures, feel like a king!

  • Menu

The menu at Manjit’s at King Street Wharf is a delightful surprise for every customer. 

If you’re visiting King Street Wharf and want to be transported, if only for a couple of hours, to India and enjoy its wonders, even if you’re a sea away, you must try one of the marvellous dishes served here. The delicious spicy flavour of Indian dishes will leave you in awe and dazzled. Be sure to visit The Manjit’s at King Street Wharf, its dishes and drinks are sure to delight you. Taste, flavour, smell and colours will be what awaits you in this magical place capable of transporting you to India just by walking through the door.

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