Sporting Globe at King Street Wharf:


The Sporting Globe has become in a glorious place to eat, drink and plenty enjoy of your favourite sports in family or around friends. This chain of Sporting Globe starts in Geelong, and now it crossed from there to Sydney. It is not a surprise to always seeing the Sporting Globe local full of people and involved around an animated aura: voices, enthusiasm, great food and the fresher drinks at the district.

If you do not want to miss the next episode of your favourite sport and want to have a good time with friends, then you need to go there. Here we are going to tell you everything about THE SPORTING GLOBE and you won’t have anything but visit it.

  • History of Sporting Globe:

Sporting Globe is not just a place to hang out, it’s much more than that; it’s “the” place you think of when your favourite match of the season or the most anticipated fight of the year is coming up. Sporting Globe is a mix of Food, Drinks, Sports and the best atmosphere in all of King Street Wharf. As they say, their motive for being is precisely to be the destination for everyone during the most important sporting celebrations; to do everything that others only dream of, because they did not invest in just any business, but in one that is making their dreams come true of offering the best service and being part, even in simple details, of the enjoyment of their customers. This is what characterises Sporting Globe and what has been repeated over and over again since its foundation. 

* Main offers at Sporting Globe: 

Sporting Globe never ceases to amaze. Their offers are varied and unique and we’re not just talking about the excellent food they serve, nor their ambience, but everything they have to offer you. 


Birthdays, celebrations, presentations, events and a whole lot more is what you can expect from the Sporting Globe on King Street Wharf, a venue inspired by the history of the docks of this wonderful place that is King Street Wharf and at the same time a VIP entrance to taste modern gastronomy. 

Who wouldn’t be delighted to make a reservation here? 

It has three warm and familiar sections for the enjoyment and privacy of the party to be held. With space for up to 300 people in one of these sections, the ambience, flavour, freshness and excellent service book. 

Live DJ every Friday at Sporting Globe:

Live DJ and drink specials await you every Friday from 6pm at Sporting Globe. Don’t miss the happy hour from 5pm until 7pm. It’s sure to become your favourite spot on King Street Wharf.

  • Special Offers:

Monday and Tuesday: Kids eat free

Monday: Half price for wings, ribs, all pints and house wine.

Tuesday: Half price Steak

Wednesday: $15.9 MVP Parma

Thursday: All burgers for only $15.9

Friday: For only $25 each you can order All Star Platter and  Cocktail Jugs

Saturday: Do you want an Espresso Martini, an Aperol Spritz or a Pimms Spritz? Order it any Saturday at Sporting Globe for only $10.9 each.

Sunday: My favorite offer. For only $11.9 you can have a Classic Cocktail and for $29.9 2L Tap Tower

You can also pay an extra $4 for premium beer and cider.

Monday – Wednesday: Before 3pm Sporting Globe is the perfect place to have a lunch at King Street Wharf. You can go there and grab any burger, wrap or salad for $13.9.

For a small soft drink you must only pay +$2.

Friday 5 at 5: From 5pm to 7pm Schooners, House Spirits and House Wines $5

  • Clients opinion:

Everyone who has eaten at Sporting Globe has the same opinion: The Sporting Globe is amazing!

Their food, how they present their plates, the fresher drink in all King Street Wharf and the best of all: the atmosphere created by their gently team, always decided to allow you feel like home, happy and comfortable.

And it is not for less than that, they deserve all those positive commentaries for all the greatest things they have achieved

  • Menu:

Composed of several dishes that are well worth trying, the menu at Sporting Globe consists of:

Summer Menu: With a lot of new offers specially created for you to enjoy this season.

Wings and Bites: Premium Wings and Bites (also vegan ones)

Warm Ups: Waffle Fries and Mozzarella Sticks are the new plates in this part of the menu. But they also have a lot of options for everyone.

Bowls: For less than $20 you can be dilated with any of the delicious bowls at Sporting Globe in King Street Wharf.

Wraps: With chicken and for vegans, the best Wraps at King Street Wharf.

If you want to read the full menu click here:

  • Timing:

The Sporting Globe is open every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, and able to go there for a lunch or a dinner.

You can also book a table via online by completing a simple formulary. They will ask a few important things like the day, the hour and the number of guests and not much more.

Saturdays are the most 


The Sporting Globe is the perfect place to go with your family and friends to have a perfect time simply enjoying a party of your favorite team or any sport.

Eat, drink and be relaxed and as you were at your own place. The sporting Globe at King Street Wharf is another proof of the magic in this place at Darling Harbour.

Remember, you can go there, book a table and even rent a space there for a private party. We will give you their contact information right here!

Contact Information:

Address: King Street Wharf, 22 the Promenade, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

Phone Number: +61240063821



Social Media:

  • Instagram: @sportingglobe
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