East Darling Harbour - Barangaroo

East Darling Harbour will be renamed Barangaroo, Planning Minister Mr Frank Sartor announced on 18 Ocotber 2006.

“Following a public compettion, the Government has decided to rename this area Barangaroo, in honour of the wife of Bennelong,” Mr Sartor said.


“This major CBD precinct is thought to be the first significant place in Sydney to be renamed after an Aboriginal woman.”

It was announced at the unveiling of a $4 billion renewal project on the Western side of Sydney’s CBD.

Sartor said the Government would consider building new public transport ferry wharves, bus stations and possibly light rail along Hickson Road, to be renamed the Hungary Mile.

More than 50 per cent of the precinct will be parkland, with the rest a mixture of residential, retail and commercial space for 16,000 office workers.

However the majority of built form within the precinct is for commercial uses including office space, retail facilities, residential units, and hotel/tourism facilities. It will be funded, developed and owned by the private sector.

All development sites will be on a 99-year leasehold structure.

Construction of the site is expected to commence in 2008 and the precinct expected to be completed, through a staged delivery strategy, by 2020.