Beer DeLuxe at King Street Wharf:


Everything we do, we do for beer. That is the phrase with which Beer DeLuxe, a chain that is distributed throughout the country, welcomes its visitors on its website. 

Beer DeLuxe doesn’t have much mystery, its name says it all, straight to the point. If you’re looking to have a couple of beers with your friends, feel at home and enjoy a great evening relaxing, drinking and eating, this is the best place in King Street Wharf for that. 

That’s their brand identity, that’s what they sell and they really are very good and have earned their place in the market. 

That’s why we’ve dedicated this special entry to them on our website.

  • Main functions at Beer DeLuxe

Beer DeLuxe has two aims: to continue to serve the best and most exclusive beer in Australia, whether from King Street Wharf or any of their other outlets; and to make customers who visit Beer DeLuxe start to become part of the family they have lovingly and painstakingly created. 

To this end they are dedicated to creating exclusivity for customers, providing them with packages of features for their enjoyment within the venue. 

Beer Deluxe has a number of spaces available for hire and the venue’s function team will help you select the ideal menu and venue for the activity you wish to celebrate, whether it be a wedding, birthday, farewell party, special occasion with friends or even a more informal corporate dinner. 

There are four stages available and at your disposal:

  • Beer Garden:

With a capacity for up to 60 people seated and approximately 90 standing. It is ideal for relatively small gatherings. You will definitely love the decor, very green and pure and overlooking the bay. The Beer Garden is ideal for exclusive meetings, especially business meetings.

  • Main Floor:

It has an even smaller capacity than the Beer Garden, making it the perfect semi-private space for intimate events or events where only a small number of guests will be attending. It has direct access to the bar and garden and is equipped to cater for both food and beverage needs.

  • Upstairs:

Upstairs is a little more spacious than the other two stages available, with seating for up to 60 people and standing room for around 130.    The views of the bay and King Street Wharf from upstairs are a sight to behold and a powerful reason to think of this as the ideal space. For parties with a larger number of guests, this indoor/outdoor space with a wonderful bar is simply ideal

  • Venue Exclusive:

Beer DeLuxe at King Street Wharf gives you the opportunity to hire both levels, with a capacity of 160 seated and up to 300 standing, making it the ideal venue for parties or events where large numbers of guests are expected. No matter what type of event you want to hold, Beer DeLuxe can be transformed to suit the style required.

  • Clients opinion about Beer DeLuxe

Beer DeLuxe is the perfect place to party. Without a doubt, in all of King Street Wharf there is no place with a better atmosphere, better drinks, better music and atmosphere. Beer Deluxe is ideal for people of all ages, as long as they keep their youthful spirit and desire to have fun and have a good time. The place is uniquely decorated, instantly reminiscent of a typical American fast food joint, but with a unique touch that makes it irresistible. All the customers who have passed through Beer DeLuxe have left as part of this great family, join them!

  • Menu

What are you looking for?

 A gourmet treat with an elegant dinner? 

Or maybe a fresh lunch breathing fresh air? 

No matter what your requirements are, culinary and atmospheric, we are sure that at Beer DeLuxe they will have everything you need to leave 100% satisfied. Beer DeLuxe has the best food menu to accompany a beer, an exquisite cocktail menu, a spectacular wine list, and of course, a long list of more than 150 beers, awarded as the best beers in Australia by the experts of the magazine “Beer & amp; Brewer”. 

The colours and flavours of the Beer DeLuxe menu will leave you wanting more, not because you won’t be satisfied, but because you’ll be having so much fun, surrounded by your favourite beer and good food, that by the time your evening is over you won’t want to leave. 

You can see more details about the menu on their website:

  • Timing

Beer DeLuxe is a highly sought after restaurant, it didn’t become famous overnight and therefore many people want to enjoy lunch or dinner here. Beer DeLuxe at King Street Wharf is open from Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 10 pm, and every Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 1 am. Every weekend you can stay late at Beer DeLuxe, which will become your new favourite spot on King Street Wharf.


Beer DeLuxen will always be one of your best options on King Street Wharf. No matter your age, the company or the time of day, if the place is open and you’re looking for a good time, that’s where you should go. And that’s not just us, it’s all the satisfied customers who have become part of the DeLuxe family and visit whenever they want to enjoy a great evening out. The best beers in Sydney await you at Beer DeLuxe on King Street Wharf, enjoy them in company and have a dreamy evening with your friends surrounded by beer and great food, with a beautiful view of the harbour. At Beer DeLuxe you literally have everything you need to spend an evening at King Street Wharf like a king.

Contact Information

Address: 9 Lime Street, NSN 2000, Sydney Australia

Phone Number: +61 (02) 8322 2020



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