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Description was established in November 2003, by Go Traveling Pty Ltd, who started retail and online travel in 2000 and has been one of the top travel agencies to date. caters to mainly corporate and luxury travellers. It is managed by a unique team of corporate and retail travel professionals and web development experts. Our travel team is composed of professional senior travel consultants with five to twenty years of experience in travel, and a commitment for excellence. The consultants are well trained and are highly knowledgeable, efficient and reliable. They are constantly undergoing training programs in product updates, customer service skills and personal development. We are a group of highly motivated travel professionals who endeavour to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We specialise in premium travel products, including first and business class air travel, dream holidays, luxury hotels and resorts, five star cruising, sports and events travel.

Although FirstClass is an Australian company, most of our products apart from flights from Australia, are suitable for the global market of discerning travellers. We are establishing our presence in China, where the fastest growth in luxury travel is.



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